What is me@JGU?

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Is everything too much for you right now? You still have to prepare a presentation, it’s actually already time to study for the next exam, and then there was a fight in the shared flat? All of that can put a strain on you and, of course, also affect your general well-being. Find out how you can get your studies and your everyday life back under control! 

me@JGU can help you with lots of information, tips and exercises to keep you balanced during your studies. With it, you can overcome the difficulties you encounter in your everyday studies.
Try it out!

You can find inspiration on this website. It is completely up to you which tips you would like to try out and which ones you won’t. Maybe you’ll decide to try something completely new and find your own individual way to more serenity in your studies. You’re probably already familiar with some of these tips, but maybe something is new for you.

Changing something can trigger unpleasant feelings and be exhausting. Change doesn’t always happen right away, either. So don’t be discouraged if your new plan doesn’t work right from the start. Take a closer look at why it didn’t work – then you can do better next time. And maybe an inconspicuous symbol, a motto, or a small object that reminds you again and again of your goal can help you.

Have fun and, most important: good luck!
Your me@JGU team

The Topics Came Straight From You

You told us which topics were important to you in the context of a needs analysis, which you can read about here.
On this basis, we have finally designed the website.

me@JGU – your portal for a balanced student life

This teaser gives you an insight into the website (1:32, 57MB).

View video “me@JGU – your portal for a balanced student life”

About the Project

me@JGU is a prevention program developed for JGU students as part of the university-wide project “LOB-Lehren Organisieren Beraten” and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The program is based on scientifically founded methods of cognitive behavioral therapy. More information about the background of the LOB project can be found here.

Working through the topics on this website is not a substitute for psychotherapy. If you notice that a topic is burdening you more than expected or if you’d like support in implementing the changes, feel free to contact JGU’s Mental Health Services. In an acute crisis, you can always consult your family doctor or the psychiatric clinic responsible for you (in Mainz: Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy).

Your Opinion

Help us to improve me@JGU and tell us what you think!
A couple of short responses is all we need (takes no more than 5 minutes). We’d love to hear what you think.
You can also send us your feedback by e-mail (me-at-jgu@uni-mainz.de).

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