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We help you with tips and information to get through your studies in a more relaxed way.

😷 Here you can find the information on mental health during the Corona pandemic.

Being well organized

Are you looking for tips to help you escape from the stress spiral? Here we show you how stress is created and what you can do about it with simple exercises.

Coping with exam stress

There are effective techniques to get your exam stress under control. We have listed practical tips and exercises for you.

Improving your self-esteem

Our self-esteem is our attitude towards ourselves. Changing this is one of the keys to a stronger self-esteem. Here you will find helpful tips and exercises.

A more relaxed study experience

Your head is racing and you are constantly under pressure and in action mode? Then take the time now and learn with our tips how to stop the hamster wheel in your head.

Controlling thoughts and feelings

Do you often have negative, stressful thoughts and feel at the mercy of your emotions? This section contains advice on how you can modify your thoughts and regulate your emotions to make you (more) happy and allow you to achieve your goals.

Your social network

Do you find it difficult to make contacts or maintain relationships? Here you can find tips on how to build a healthy social network.

Beating procrastination

Does it stress you to procrastinate things in your life? Here you will find valuable tips and practical exercises to become more productive and put an end to procrastinating things.

Identifying goals

Values and goals are like a compass for your life. The information and tips can help you to define your goals and values. It supports you in realizing what you want to achieve.